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The dream of freedom on two wheels was born in 1952 when Gaspare Lombardo made his first bicycle, and continues to grow as the company mission of the Cicli Lombardo Spa year after year. We support a dream that is especially an ecological, practical and free life style.


The technological innovation, the advanced production process and the attention for every detail guaranteeing an excellent Made in Italy product. The Lombardo Innovation Lab team works the design, the test and the control of products compliance with constant attention towards the customers.



the dream of the Cicli Lombardo Spa began
with the creation of the first model

20.000 mq
of production facilities
the first facility in Germany was opened
employees, whose half of them are women
bike models for professionals and amateurs
bikes assembled each day

Respect for the environment is the fulcrum around which the Company revolves, not only as a mission but also in practice: it is powered, indeed, for almost its total energy requirement by renewable sources.

All the production process is controlled to minimize the environmental impact and we actively promote a healthy, natural lifestyle in harmony with the rest of the planet. Our contemporary design and constant technological research let us achieve an high level performance that meets all your needs, from professional to amateurs use.


Ogni veicolo è dotato di un numero di matricola univoco che consente di individuarne ogni passaggio: dalla produzione alla spedizione fino all’assistenza post-vendita.


Efficiency of production process and its phases.


Il nostro avanzato impianto di assemblaggio ruote permette la stabilizzazione dei raggi garantendo ai nostri modelli maggiore durata nel tempo e una migliore qualità.


The whole production complies with the quality requirements established by the European law. Moreover, we adopt the international environmental management system ISO 14001 for the protection of the environment.


Innovative painting process with and production capacity of 800+ pieces every day.


All the assembling phases are managed inside the company, till the final test, guaranteeing the maximum attention for each step.


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