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The manufacturer is exonerated from any responsibility or obligation in case of accidents to persons or damages to objects that may occur during the use of the vehicle.

The Cicli Lombardo S.p.A can replace and/or repair for free, the unusable and inefficient components (or the entire product), upon a written request of the dealer where the bike has been purchased. Each request to the retailer must be accompanied by the presentation of the receipt or the warranty claim will be invalid.

The acceptance of the guarantee of a component, or on the entire product, doesn’t renew the coverage period: the deadline remains unchanged from the date of purchase indicated on the receipt.

Concerning some categories of components (no-exhaustive example: ROCK SHOX forks, SRAM derailleurs...), Cicli Lombardo S.p.A. may reserve the right to recognize the claimed warranty in specialized centers by the manufacturer.

The following components are not covered by warranty because subjected to wear: brakes paddles, cables, cases, lights, grips, pedals, chains, freewheels, stickers, tires, tubes, valves. An exception to this could be all those cases that are clearly attributable to manufacturing and/or material defects.

The warranty will be void under the following cases: the purchase of used products, negotiation and exchange between private parties, the purchase of products from unauthorized centers; the natural deterioration of the battery capacity (in case of e-bike), the use of external components (eg. control units , accelerators for e-bikes); structural changes and function and aesthetic modifications; fixing up, replacements or disassembling without the supervision of a Lombardo retailer or the authorization by Cicli Lombardo S.p.A.; the use of the product beyond normal conditions; user’s carelessness in storing and ordinary maintenance of the product.

The vehicle is not covered by warranty in the following cases: damages resulting from accidents or negligence; maintenance because of wear, except those cases clearly due to manufacturing and/or assembling defects; all noisy, tremblings and deterioration cases that do not influence the product functionality and riding.

Formato: GG/MM/AAAA

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